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When you live the life of Higher Health, you not only experience the blessings of a life well lived, but you become a role model and a blessing to other that in turn will affect generations to come. Are you ready for your breakthrough?

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"For over 20 years I have suffered from eating disorders, severe depression plus numerous other things that eventually led to me giving up all hope for myself, and degenerating into a prisoner in my home. There are no words strong enough to explain Jennifer's genuine care, concern, unconditional devotion to my welfare, her total faith in my recovery (even when mine is lacking), and her dedication to to be here for me no matter HOW long it takes. I cannot express the new motivation, the new overwhelming feelings of positivity, and a new feeling of safety I have for myself since I have been working with her that I have never had before...I can say that in the first month I worked with her I accomplished more in that month then I have in years."

- Alison Kolberg

"I have truly benefited from Jennifer's guidance and approach to a holistic lifestyle. She addresses all aspects of you health needs to better your overall well-being. It is so easy to connect with her because she has learned so much through her own personal health challenges. Jennifer's holistic approach has absolutely changed my life, both physically and emotionally!"

- Lara Strom, Minneapolis, MN

"Jennifer's experience, passion, and guidance continue to provide a supportive and proactive environment for my personal positive change. She has been there through my health challenges over the years (due to my chronic pain and countless surgeries and procedures.) Jennifer has been instrumental in helping me on the journey to better health and gaining more energy.

I believe that she will be able to advise you on specific problems you are experiencing, or help you create a comprehensive health care plan for optimum health. Not only does Jennifer have the knowledge and understanding needed for healthy living, but she "walks the walk";. She has more passion for health and well-being than anyone I have ever met!"

- Lisa Penny, M.A. - Surgery & Pain Support - Marriage Family Therapist Intern #67200

"Higher health is making the choice to live in a lifestyle that generates health rather than manifesting disease. It creates a space of wellness so that you can live the life that you were born to live. These statements are Jennifer Goodwin's daily mantra. Her lifelong mission has been fueled by a strong desire to lift people up to a higher level of well being through fitness and nutrition. Jennifer has spent years seeking out the correct educational path that would provide the necessary knowledge to create healthy shifts in people's life style. Jennifer has had years of success not only as an athlete but more importantly as a health educator and counselor. Her unique approach to fitness and nutrition has been life changing for hundreds of clients. I would recommend her highly skilled level of 'wellness expertise' to anyone determined to make a positive shift in their well being."

- Dr. Philip Goglia

"Jennifer Goodwin understands that health occurs when energy is optimal, and when one is in flow—emotional, mental, and spiritual. She will show you how to live your life with passion and gratitude."

- Michael Galitzer, MD