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When you live the life of Higher Health, you not only experience the blessings of a life well lived, but you become a role model and a blessing to other that in turn will affect generations to come. Are you ready for your breakthrough?

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My Education and Training

When struggling with my own health challeneges, I discovered that the healthcare system could not provide me with the answers I desperately needed.  As a result, I set out to find answers on my own.  I tried everything.  I became obsessed with seeking help from any alternative practitioner I could find. I risked so much that I almost died from a treatment performed by one doctor with a skewed theory about my condition. For a time, I lost sight of the fact that the human body is capable of healing itself when in the right environment.

Having faced yet another brush with death, I started doing my own research and discovered the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.  I gained real-world, first-hand experience and education, and I began to understand the path to healing. Holistic health became my passion. I became a board-certified holistic health counselor from INN and became proficient in more than one hundred dietary theories.  I studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.  I also became a member of the American Association of Drugless Practioners, where I learned to understand the capacity of the human body to heal itself beyond what traditional medicine could accomplish.  Now, drawing upon my personal knowledge and experience, I help create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits unique lifestyle preferences and goals.  My own healing journey to repair and restore gives me specialized insight into how best to assist others who desire a vibrant life of significance, passion, peace, and rediscovered wellness.



  • I’m a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and earned a Ministry Associate Training Degree with an emphasis on grief, death and dying.
  • I’m also a proud member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Physicians Council of Responsible Medicine, American Association Of Drugless Practitioners and the International Fitness Professionals Association.
  • I'm a member ofthe American Association of Christian Counselors.
  • My writing is featured on, and I serve on their advisory board.



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