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Motivational Speaker Vancouver

Motivational Speaker Vancouver If you are seeking a professional motivational speaker in Vancouver with a proven track record of changing people's lives, look no further than Donna Smood. Donna has used her innovative motivational speaking techniques to to inspire and empower groups of employees around the world to create the best workplace environment possible. In the workplace, Donna can help people become more efficient and work more effectively together to create a unified whole working for the same goals. A more positive, cohesive work environment increases productivity and motivates people improve the work that they do everyday. Today's difficult economic climate can make it hard to feel secure and happy with your professional and personal life. Hard work, long hours and unrealistic expectations leave staff uninspired, uncommitted and bitter about going to work everyday. As an experienced motivational speaker in Vancouver, Donna can help employees manage their time better, prioritize goals, work faster and solve problems more effectively. Whether you manage 5 employees, 50 employees or 500 employees, Donna can help you create a work environment with less turnover, happier employees and a better bottom line. Just an hour with your staff can completely change the workplace dynamic. At the core of Donna's motivational speaking technique is fitness. Donna strongly believes that without a healthy and fit body, it is difficult to succeed in all other areas of life. Self-confidence is the key to succeeding in every aspect of life, and fitness is the absolute best way to achieve this in a timely manner. Donna started out as an introverted, severely asthmatic child with little to no confidence both socially and academically. She struggled to keep up in school and felt like she was never good enough to achieve what she wanted. A small goal to start running every day in her early 20s ended Donna's rut. She went from a self-conscious child and teenager to a happy, confident, determined adult who wanted to help others change. She founded It's Cool to Be Fit, and has traveled the world working to help top executives and entrepreneurs turn around their employee culture around. These business leaders rely on Donna for innovative ways to motivate their employees, help them feel valued and make them as productive as possible. In an hour or two Donna can help get employees to a place where they actually look forward to going to work everyday. When employees feel less stress, anxiety, pressure and unhappiness in the workplace, they are not only better to do better at their jobs but are able to devote more time and energy to relationships, family, hobbies and other things that make them happy. The happier people are in their personal lives, the more they they will be motivated to do well at and improve their productivity in the workplace. This cycle is why it is so important to make sure the workplace is a positive and productive environment, and Donna Smood's motivational speaking is a fast and effective way to achieve this. Motivational Speaker Vancouver
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