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Ayahuasca Retreat

Join Epic Self for an eye-opening ayahuasca retreat in beautiful Costa Rica. Have the awakening you've been waiting for and heal your mind, body, and soul permanently. Find the answers you've been searching for, and rediscover yourself. Epic Self retreats are life-altering experiences, and our retreats are just the beginning. Just ask any of our prior guests. Give us a call, and join us on our magical journey. Even though we all have our own journey and healing, they're all inter-connected. Call today to discuss ayahuasca retreat options.

What is Ayahuasca and How Will it Affect Me?

Ayahuasca is an all-natural plant medicine that gives its users a trip comparable to psychedelic mushrooms or LSD. Ayahuasca is nothing new as its use dates back thousands of years. Now, this natural medicine is used more than ever by Westerners seeking alternative healing. Epic Self organizes retreats for healing where the main therapy is the ayahuasca drink. It's not only used in Shamanism as a healing concoction, but it is also researched and used within the scientific community who investigate it for its therapeutic purposes.

Your Healing is Calling You

Join Epic Self for a transformational ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica. You will come home different (better) than you left. Many of our guests feel as though it is their destiny to experience ayahuasca healing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake "shamans" out there who aren't qualified to make ayahuasca, and trying this plant medicine from an unreliable source could be toxic. If you have discovered Epic Self's ayahuasca retreat, then ayahuasca is calling you, and you're in good hands.

Listen to Your Inner-Voice

As you get into the habit of trusting your intuitive voice, you will feel more comfortable about joining us on our journey. Ayahuasca is a healing journey, and although it's a calling for some, it's not a calling for everyone. Make sure you are well informed about ayahuasca and self-aware to ensure that this alternative healing is something you really want for yourself. Ceremonies can be quite intense, and some guests have reported that they felt like a demon was being exorcised from them during the opening ceremonies.

Give Yourself a Chance to Heal

If you haven't achieved optimal healing with your current holistic regimen, you may feel like you're getting stuck in the healing process with no results to show. Many of our guests experience significant breakthroughs and release pent-up toxic energy at our ayahuasca retreats that make them feel brand new. Whatever it is that's lingering in your life and is preventing you from healing, you can let that go once and for all here. Victims of abuse, individuals who suffer the death of loved ones, and other traumatic experience survivors routinely find the answers they're looking for with Epic Self.

Join Our Journey at the Next Epic Self Guided Ayahuasca Retreat

There comes a time when you need to up the ante and go deeper than you've ever gone with any of the other practices you've done. These other practices can be beneficial in their own way, but none will match the power of ayahuasca natural plant medicine.

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