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Willy Wonka had it right


“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.”
–Willy Wonka

Children are magical. They can build medieval forts out of a sofa or live in a backyard castle among the trees. A child can close their eyes and imagine a world far beyond what reality provides.

The sense of awe and wonder are the very essence of a child’s heart.  Light radiates from their eyes as a world of possibility forms in the mind of an unconditioned soul.

Do you remember your imaginable world? What wondrous wonderland existed before you? Were you able to fly? Dance among the stars? Be a prince or princess? Talk to the animals? Win a Nobel Prize? Live in your own magical kingdom?

I will never forget seeing the musical fantasy movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on TV for the first time. The land of Pure Imagination was a place I knew I could live in…forever!  

I wanted to be Charlie and find that Golden ticket in a chocolate bar.  I wanted to be one of the lucky few to explore the psychedelic wonderland of delicious adventures. I can’t remember how many times I watched that movie.

I transported myself into the magical world where chocolate rivers flowed, mushrooms were edible, (and I am not referring to the modern day “shrooms”…stay in the moment of wonder here with me), lickable wallpaper, tea cups you could eat  and all the other amazing sweet inventions.  

And oh those Oompa Loompas!  

As a child, my imagination was a place of joy and wonder. In my mind I could create a life of my choosing….I was a professional ice skater, a movie star, a Broadway singer, a dancer, an Olympic athlete, a strait A student, a princess, a vet….no matter what was going on in my world, I could close my eyes and imagine anything!

But then something happened….
I grew up. 

We all do. Our highly stressed performance based overwhelmed culture that we live in is not supportive of our childlike wonder, nor  our joyful imagination.

My niece recently went off to college for the first time and texted me this, “Aunt Jennifer this 'adulting' is too stressful, I am overwhelmed.” 

When is the last time you daydreamed and really put your imagination to work?  

"Think for a moment and reflect on how you could use your imagination more effectively and deliberately. How would your life be personally and professionally improved if you were to activate your brain in ways you have not done before? Imagine if you could bring this higher intelligence into your daily conscious awareness? How much more satisfying and enriched your life would be? Just imagine.” 
- Tao de Haas
Recently we lost Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder.  

For all the “Pure Imagination” he brought into so many lives, I would like to leave you with my favorite clip from the movie Will Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  

Let us never forget the power of our mind  to create a beautiful vision for our life.  Let us always rise to meet each day with Pure Imagination.

With Love and Hope,