Last week I shared important information for everyone regarding your home and the environment. 

As I had mentioned, one issue I have to be vigilant about on a daily basis is mold due to my exposure in the past to black mold. In part one of Dr. Mao's blog series on Mold, he provided information on mold and his perspective on prevention and treatment.

In part 2 of his series, Dr. Mao continues to talk about mold prevention along with symptoms of long-term mold exposure.

Do you know the initial symptoms of old infestation and what type of serious consequences can occur with long-term exposure?

Are you unknowingly living in an environment that encourages mold growth?

Did you know there are ways you can treat your body and home both inside and out to help treat and prevent the negative effects of mold?

The information provided in the second part of Dr. Mao's blog series will help equip you with knowledge that I hope will prevent you from going through what I went through and am currently healing from. 

From my heart to yours, I want you to feel your best and help you be around for a long long time.
With Love and Hope,