Fact: We are a country that is suffering from a health crisis.

Fact: The major diseases today can be dramatically heightened or greatly reversed directly due to what one consumes on a daily basis. 

Fact: We are being bombarded everyday by toxins in the form of chemicals, pollution, electromagnetic frequencies, pesticides, etc. that burden the body beyond what one can handle, sending one’s health spiraling out of control. 

Fact: This generation of children is the first generation in the history of the United States to have a shorter life span than their parents. 

Fact: Human beings have a choice.

Whether or not one manifests disease or attains wellness, relies a great deal on the condition of the human, or host.  A question to ask is, “how am I contributing to my present health.”  Why not give oneself the best possible chance to live at a state of higher health, the level in which we were born to live.  We often forget when we seek doctors for the latest pill or potion, that nature itself is the greatest healer.  When one is put into the right environment, often times true holistic healing begins. Nutrition is part of this landscape of wellness.  One essential component to the nutritional equation is the use of Superfoods.  True gifts of nature.  The focus in this article will be that of Superfruits, a subcategory within Superfoods

Sally Fallon, in her classic book Nourishing Traditions, expresses the essential need to include Superfoods in one’s diet.  She states,” …but can even the most conscientious among us say that his or her diet is, or has been perfect? With the depletion of our soils, the widespread use of additives and the prevalence of sugar, refined carbohydrates and rancid vegetable oils, which all of us have invariably ingested…no one living in an industrial society today can say that his diet has been perfect.”  We also bombard ourselves with depleting choices such as smoking, lack of sleep, alcohol, stress, caffeine, and lack of exercise.  It seems clear that the evidence for including Superfoods in one’s diet is a critical choice.  By implication, Superfruits would be an excellent way to enrich one’s diet and achieve optimal health.

What qualifies a fruit as a Superfruit?  Paul M. Gross, a top food scientist concludes that a Superfruit is a fruit having a higher concentration, density, and diversity of nutrients essential for optimal health.  So powerful are Superfruits that they could even be considered “medicine”.   They contain a very high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC).  This method, developed by the National Institute of Aging in the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, measures the antioxidant capacity of different foods.  Superfruits contain life sustaining elements such as the B vitamins, essential dietary nutrients, omega fats, dietary fiber, phytosterols, amino acids with a high energetic balance to maximize wellbeing.

Now that the importance of including Superfruits in ones diet is evident, exactly which ones make myTop 5 List?  Of course I have to start with my personal favorite….Noni.  The distinct aroma should not be a deterrent to experiencing this amazing fruit.   Due to its numerous health benefits, it should be considered an essential addition to your Superfruit menu.

I first discovered Noni on my visit to Tahiti and Moorea.  Being challenged by ongoing back pain, a local Tahitian recommended that I try what the South Pacific Islands have used for over 2000 years. I took my first shot and knew I was in the presence of something quite unique. After being consistent with my consumption, my pain began to diminish.  I also learned that countless clinical research studies found over 150 nutraceuticals in the Noni fruit which have tremendous therapeutic value.  Not only has it been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, but it also causes the immune system to operate at optimal levels.  Due to the onslaught of burdens one’s body is under, it just makes sense to arm the immune system with a powerful weapon.  I also noticed a instant effect on my digestive system.  It helps to regulate the colon by aiding in the absorption of nutrients, detoxification and cleansing.  It also benefits the cardiovascular and circulatory system as well as many skin conditions. I found Noni to be particularity helpful in the way it aided my overall emotional and mental clarity by boosting the serotonin levels in the brain.

The next Superfruit on my list is the Goji Berry.   Goji, has been used for thousands of years for strength building and longevity and is packed full of nutrients.  It contains 18 kinds of amino acids, high antioxidants, iron, vitamins B and E, abundant trace minerals and as Super Nutritionist David Wolff puts it, “ Goji berries are perhaps the most nutritional rich berry fruit on the planet.”  The immune system is strengthened, stress is reduced, vision improved, liver, heart and brain health improves when the Goji is added to one’s diet.

Probably one of the more popular Superfruits in the media these days is the Acai Berry. This is another one of my personal favorites. I mix it with my smoothies due to its high levels of essential fatty acids, mega antioxidant levels and fiber content.  Dr. Perricone, a leader in skin health and nutrition, raves about the Acai. He find the that the amazingly high  concentration of antioxidants help to combat premature aging, the healthy fats and fiber assist in digestion and cardiovascular health and the essential amino acids help restore and contribute to proper muscular function.  One’s cell membranes are kept healthier therefore keeping insulin levels working correctly while keeping inflammation levels down.

My fourth Superfruit is one I have just begun using.  Mangosteen fruit is low in sugar but high in vitamins A and C.  It contains the compound Magnostin, which is an antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial. It also protects against fungal and parasitic infections.  It has been used to treat many conditions such as ulcers, wounds, eczema, diarrhea, urinary disorders, and to reverse aging.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties just like most other Superfruits.

My last Superfruit, Camu Camu, has the highest Vitamin C source  found on the planet. This is important for energy, immunity, healthy blood, and tissue repair.  Gary Null PhD, a nationally known Researcher and Nutritionist, found that Camu Camu has an enormous range of health building effects such as maintaining healthy eyes, gums and teeth as well as building a strong immune system. He especially noted its ability to optimize brain function. Consider Camu Camu a natural anti depressant and mood builder.

Often times I hear clients say that Superfoods are too expensive and confusing.  Food from nature is simple and endows one with health.  Processed foods are disruptive to health.  Even small doses of Superfoods go a long way to ensure a healthy body and are thus cost effective.  Preventing larger health problems is common with Superfruits.  They are nutrient dense, satisfying, potent, and medicinal.

I encourage you to explore and have fun with Superfruits!  By adding them to your diet you are preventing diseases rather than manifesting illness.

Other Superfruits to explore and enjoy include:  Pomegranate, Baobob, Cranberry and Blueberry .



Originally posted on March 22,2012 at OptimumHealthIsYours.com