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We live in a land of great opportunity and resources. We have the freedom as well, to make choices everyday that will impact our wellbeing.  Why not give our body, mind and spirit the best advantage as we journey through the miracle of life itself.  When we make the decision to live in the realm of optimal wellness, we can produce transformational changes that lead us to the ultimate level of living….the level of Higher Health.

Unfortunately though, we live in an era in which the American diet consists mainly of quick, overcooked, processed, frozen, packaged, microwavable, and nutritionally depleted foods.  We are also being subjected to pesticides, pollution, chemicals, additives, radiation, heavy metals, and a host of many other toxins on a daily basis.  Isn’t this enough evidence to be motivated to give your body all the support you can give it and remove as many stressors as possible?  Can you believe that the top diseases in the US…cancer, heart disease, diabetes,  high blood pressure, and mental disorders can be directly linked to the FOOD that we eat resulting in poor nutritional status? When you live a life out of balance you manifest a body expressing conditions such as inflammation, illness, pain, and disease.  The good news is that you have the power to impact your body’s defenses from the onslaught of modern living, to bring yourself back to a state of homeostasis in which you can thrive and be optimally healthy

One of the nutritional weapons you can use can be found in the power of Super Foods!  Super foods are a natural way to get a high concentration of super potent nutrients into your diet. The nutrients in these Super Foods are not isolated but in harmony with all the other nutrients thereby creating better assimilation and balance in your body.  Great healing has always been found in nature and creating a space for Super Foods in your daily diet can bring you back to the grounding and powerful healing force of the earth.  Even the most health conscious person is not 100% perfect in their diet. Therefore, the use of Super foods can bring everyone closer to optimal health as well as liven up your culinary experience! Some of the amazing health benefits of theses Super Foods include:

  • Create good digestive health
  • Protect against cancer, heart disease and aging
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Detoxify the organs
  • Lower blood pressure and normalize cholesterol
  • Create a healthy metabolism and self control weight
  • Reduce and prevent inflammation

Now that the importance of Super Foods has been established, let’s take a closer look at specific categories.  The most popular and talked about are the Super Greens.  While there are many great choices in health food markets today, I want to focus on my top 5 Super Greens.   These Power Plants refer to a group of blue green algae and young cereal grasses.  The high concentration of nutrients makes these a wise choice for those wishing to attain optimal health.   The high levels of chlorophyll make these Super Greens extremely beneficial on the attack against disease, immunity, liver disorders, anemia, and overall wellness.  They also support the highly critical pH alkaline balance in the human body, remembering the body needs to be in balance in order to function at its highest health.  As measured in blood the ph should be 7.35-7.45 (ph 7 is neutral, greater than 7 is alkaline), in the urine the ph should be 5.8-6.6 and in saliva ph should be 6.2-7.4 for optimal health.

Here are my top picks for Super Greens….

  1. Chlorella –This is the first “green” I experimented with.  Chlorella  is a fresh water algae and contains a complete protein profile, minerals, B vitamins, and Vitamin C. Some of its great benefits of chlorella are that it protects the intestinal lining from peptic ulcers, helps to prevent cancer, and protect the liver, reduces cholesterol, and enhances the immune system.   It is especially known as a natural chelating agent that binds to harmful metals and toxins in the body and assists their excretion.  I know from firsthand experience that when I had mercury poisoning, Chlorella was vital to my recovery via its chelating properties.  It took a while but it assisted in my body’s restoration. The high chlorophyll content in Chlorella aids in healing from many imbalances such as Candida and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  With all of these healing and preventative agents, you can see why this is my top pick!
  2. Spirulina- This power packed green contains a high source (65%) of complete protein and supplies vast amounts of phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and trace elements.  Scientific research has shown it to assist the prevention and treatment of cancer via it’s support of the immune system in which it stimulates natural killer cells critical to fight against most diseases.  Presently I have a compromised immune system so I make sure to include Spirulina everyday in a smoothie.  I want to supply my body with all the help I can to protect me from viruses and infections.  Juicing with the Super Greens is a wonderful aid in cleansing and detoxification through enhanced absorption.   I have found that Spirulina also helps with my energy, stamina and mental well-being.
  3. Wild Blue-Green Algae- This is my newest “green” addition.  It is known for improving brain function, memory, the immune system, and energy. Wild Blue Green Algae was one of Earth’s first living food.  It has a higher complete protein value than beef or soy. I personally have noticed an increase in endurance, energy and vitality. I am more alert and seem to manage stress more effectively. It has been used for degenerative disease and assists with most addictions.

As an aside, eating those greens in great quantity can occasionally result in what is referred to as a healing reaction with high levels of toxins being released for detoxification. Eating these greens, one must use caution.   I advise that one works closely with a holistic practitioner so as to gain the wonderful benefits that Super Greens can provide. As a wise grandmother once said, “Everything in moderation.”

  1. Wheat Grass- My first experience with Wheat Grass was a mother of a good friend who had cancer. She took wheat grass everyday and anecdotally lived for longer than the doctors anticipated.  It has great value to the blood because of its alkalizing properties creating pH balance within the body. Wheat grass is a sprouted grass and as such no longer causes gluten sensitivity or allergic reactions to those with wheat intolerance.  As with all greens, it has strong tissue cleansing properties and enzyme concentrations to assist detoxification.  I take it daily for its digestive support, liver and gastro-intestinal health.  As research shows, the immune system is directly linked to your gut, so it is wise to protect the digestive system as much as you can. Wheat Grass is wonderful insurance for your body.
  2. Barley Grass-It was known that Roman gladiators were called “Barley men” because they never went to battle until they consumed Barley Grass.  Barley Grass seems to regenerate and enhance one’s energy as well as heal and aid in the prevention of disease.   For one who desires strength and excellence in competitive sports, an addition of Barley grass to one’s diet should be considered.  As with Chorella, it helps to cleanse and neutralize heavy metals and toxins from the blood, but Barley grass does digest more easily.

In order for cells and in turn tissues and organs to thrive, oxygen rich blood is essential as well as an alkaline state in the body.  Super Greens offer this advantage as well as a wealth of high density nutrients, creating a state of optimal wellness.  Nature has given us numerous healing options; we have the power to choose a life that will bring about disease or one that will manifest the highest state of health.  Invest in Super Greens as insurance for a life well lived.



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Article by Jennifer Goodwin, CHHC

Note from Dr. Bob Johnson:

The first step in creating or maintaining optimal health is almost always nutrition.  Optimal nutrition means consuming and absorbing the complete spectrum of every necessary nutrient while minimizing or eliminating harmful, toxic, and imbalanced foods such as pesticides, bad fats, preservatives, carcinogens, processed or synthetic “foods”.
Nutrition and the digestive process will be discussed in future newsletters as these are incredibly important in overall health, are under your control and can be incorporated in your life for little expense.