Posted by Jennifer on Mar 06, 2017

Chances are there are some circumstances in your life right now that are a bit stressful.

With stress always comes complication.

With complication comes overwhelm.

With overwhelm comes what is so commonly termed “paralysis of analysis.”

TMI (Too much information) can disable rational clear thinking. We live in a world in which we are bombarded with too many choices and too much chaos.

As Tony Robbins puts it, “Complexity is the enemy of execution.” Once you reach this state, and we have all been there, the chances you will make the right decision or be able to objectively view the issues at hand are pretty slim. 

In today’s Rise Up Well I would like for you to consider a revolutionary new approach for problem solving and creating solutions.

It’s called SIMPLICITY.

Okay, so it’s not revolutionary but it’s an approach I see very few people implementing. Why is it that we humans try to complicate everything…when the right answer most often lies in simplicity.

I have always been told that I was the perfect combination of simple and complex. The times I function in my complex zones, I rarely accomplish my best work. When my brain is racing and it’s too full….that’s when I hit the wall and it's best not to be around me.  

Now catch me watching a sunset or being lost in the nighttime sky, well, that simplicity opens up my mind to endless possibilities and hope. 

This idea of simplicity actually dates back and was popularized by William of Ockham. (circa 1287-1347)

He was an English Franciscan friar and theologian, medieval philosopher and nominalist. His fame was attributed to what he was known for…”Ockham’s razor.” The term razor refers to shaving away.

Basically he was conveying that “among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.” 

How does this apply to you?

Whatever you may be going through, whatever may be causing you stress and disharmony in your life….simplicity is always the preference.

Remember what Tony Robbins said? “Complexity is the enemy of execution.” Look at your situation. Simplify it…reduce it. Peel it away like an onion.

Your answers will become clear, your vision will manifest, and your healing will begin.

When we are scattered, overdoing it and trying to take on the world, nothing gets done in the most efficient and productive manner. Start with a deep breath, then think simple…sometimes it really is that easy. 

With Love and Hope,