“Almost everything in my life that looked like a failure has turned into a success.” –Warren Buffett

I have been simplifying my life recently, and because I really don’t watch TV I decided to cut back on all those hundreds of “why is this even on TV“ channels that you see as you scroll through cable. As I was simplifying, I noticed that HBO was showing a free documentary on Warren Buffett.

Okay, so I have to admit, I did not really know much about him except he is extremely wealthy.

I figured hey, this is free, so I decided to watch. I love biographies and I thought I could learn something. To my surprise I found out I had more in common with Warren Buffett than I could have imagined. ‘Becoming Warren Buffett’ is a fascinating and eye opening piece to watch.

Please check out the trailer here.

In today’s Rise Up Well, I would like to share some key insights I gained, as well as some of my favorite quotes from Warren Buffett. 

You can learn more about Warren Buffet at his Wikipedia page.

The director of the film, Peter Kunhardt, told USA today that Warren Buffett doesn’t take credit for his success. “He says he won the ovarian lottery, he doesn’t try to turn that into: look at me, look at how smart I am and how clever I have been at business.”

Buffett calculates the probability of him being born as a male, in the United States, during the 1930’s, as contributing largely to his climb to the top. He did not believe he was superior, and credits his first wife for his growth and success. 

Not that I understand his drinking Coke for breakfast or carrying around an old-school flip phone, but I do resonate with doing things your way in life. I have never been one to “run with the pack” either. 

We all could use a little more motivation and happiness these days. I love his advice on what it takes to be successful and how to live a more fulfilled life. I would like to share some of my top picks to help you create a truly “wealthy” way of being. 

1. Invest in yourself before anything else.

This goes for everything from education, to self-care or starting a company of your own like I did. Risk and constantly improving your skills is critical if you want to rise above and make an impact.
2. Know where you are weak and where you are strong.

Focus on what you do well. Avoid getting stuck in your weaknesses and beating your head against the wall in areas that are not where you excel. That is why I have someone do my accounting, tech work and anything math related. I failed math…4 years in a row. Enough said. 
3. Don’t risk something you need to get something you don’t need.

There are a couple of jobs I thought would be so cool and put me in the spotlight. My motives were wrong and the jobs were not necessary to the longevity of my career. I took an uncalculated risk, lost the stable job I had in the process, and in the end lost the job I wanted so bad but did not need. Know your motives. Greed in my book, and Warren’s is bad. 
4. Change bad habits as soon as you can.

You have some, if not many, habits that are not serving you right now. Why are you still doing them? I know I have some. It takes determination and a big enough reason to change old behaviors. Warren says “the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”  Ok, so where are your self-destructive behaviors? Habits make or break you. Its time you break free and make new and better habits. What you are doing daily is either making your life better or worse. It’s up to you.
5. Find work you love…

Warren says, “Finding work you love is a better bet than doing something because it pays well or because it would look good on your resume.” I 100% agree.
6. Face your fears.

Okay, I REALLY get this one. I face them every day. Managing pain and a chronic illness is no easy task. My prayer to God is to not make my life easier but to make me stronger so that I can rise above my circumstance. NEVER let fear stop you.

I have risked in love and been let down, but was it worth it? Absolutely!  Have I been scared to travel by myself to places no one speaks English…and as a single blonde woman, yep! But I did it anyway and had a blast. Have I been nervous to show people my flaws and reveal the scars from my past? Of course, but the people loved me anyway.  

Do I get anxious about my future and if illness and pain will shorten my life? Yes, I do. But I live. And I will keep living boldly and courageously until God steps in and takes me home. Remember, most of what you fear never happens.

Do you know Warren Buffett was once terrified of public speaking? Well, he took a Dale Carnegie course to improve his skill and he is now one of the most sought after speakers in the world! Eleanor Roosevelt said to do one thing every day that you are afraid of. So what is it for you?
7. Your time is a precious resource, spend it wisely.

Take a time inventory of your day. How much is wasted energy. Are you watching too much TV, staying up too late doing useless things, spending time with people you have no interest in, saying yes to things that deserve your no or spending too much time on the computer and social media? It’s much more productive to stare at sunset for an hour then scroll Facebook or watch more news about Trump. Take an inventory today….and make the changes!
8. Do not ignore a great opportunity.

Take a look around you. There are opportunities everywhere if you just open your eyes. It’s important to think out of the box. Warren says, “Big opportunities in life have to be seized.” So what opportunities are calling you? Don’t miss them. 
9. Surround yourself with people you admire.

YES! I totally have felt the impact of this one. I met a wonderful guy a couple of month’s back who just had this magnetic energy and optimism for life. I have not met many people like that. His determination, intuitive nature, certainty about life, attractive vulnerability, vision and overall vibrational level made me a better person for just being around him. FIND THOSE PEOPLE and spend more time with them. You will improve and so will your life. You become like the people you spend your time with. 
10. Get away from the noise.

Warren spends time every day just sitting and thinking. Looks like that has taken him pretty far.
11. Keep it simple.

As Warren says, “It’s not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.” I know I am simplifying my life. Where can you simplify yours? Sometimes, if not all the time, doing less is the answer. 
12. Patience.

Some things just take time. Rushing anything will often ruin it.  “No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” Well said Warren.
13. And finally be confident.

Warren always knew he was going to be wealthy. He never doubted it for a minute. You are unique and special. Always know you have so much to offer the world. You have everything to be confident about. Show the world the REAL you. Just as you are. Not an image or façade. Trust the universe that if you stay confident in who you are, your path will unfold with amazing surprises.
Warren did not place his success on all the money he acquired. His true success was achieved by who loved him….not in an idolized way.

He valued his family and a simple life. He gave back and educated others. He was funny and was real.  

I see his life as one founded strong in love and authenticity. For when you have love, you truly are wealthy. Love is a power that can lead you to greatness.

I believe the principles presented above that Warren lives by, can help you too, find your true success….
With Love and Hope,