During my teenage years I suffered from Anorexia Nervosa. Hospitalized for two months, I almost died. After falling to a life threatening body weight of 85lbs, I made the conscious decision to fight back…. Having a strong faith, I summoned the strength to take my anxious initial step into the unknown.  Using health and fitness as a guide, I began to learn about building and nourishing my body.  As I applied these simple techniques to my life, I found that there was hope for climbing out of the dark place that I had been living in.  Restoring my body through nutritious food, exercise, support, courage and faith…  I reclaimed my life. My trials led me to use my pain to help other people rediscover wellness by living a holistic healthy lifestyle.  I call it a life of Higher Health. My mess became my mission.


I know that we all can have so much more energy, resilience, strength, compassion, peace, productivity, passion, well being, creativity and authentic health. To me, life is a journey.  It is about experiencing as much as you can about your amazing present moment…the good and the bad.  All of your challenges shape you into the unique person you were created to be.  There is no one like you.  Wellness is so much more than your body and what you gain from your pursuits.  It is a balance between spiritual, mental, physical, and environmental…that balance is your foundation.  Build a foundation focused on awareness, intention and motives…your AIM… and life will fall into place. You must remember too, as my mom always reminds me, keep your sense of humor.  It is amazing how laughter can keep your challenges in perspective.  It is important to remember that as long as you have work to do on earth, you will  continue to encounter down days, “ walking in the valley” …but  choose to call them character building days. You will be amazed at the hidden gifts you will find. When you are overwhelmed, keep it simple and focus on doing just this next moment well. Keep your AIM as your foundation and soon you will find yourself not only on the mountaintop, but looking back at the valley  with a smile of gratitude, knowing you will always have what is takes to rise above…rising to your Highest Heath.


Remember to enjoy the challenge, strive for balance and don’t forget to laugh along the way!



Jennifer S. Goodwin