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Why do you need this ancient healing remedy?

Dr. Gary Null, a very well-known doctor, says it best:
“Black Cumin Oil is probably the single most important oil you can put in your system. Every time you take black cumin you are stimulating your immune system to fight on your behalf and increase natural killer cells.” 
I could not agree with him more. 

 I am always interested in anything that has the potential and evidence to boost my immune system, therefore improving my overall well-being. Through much testing, I have found that I live with compromised immunity. One may choose to view this as a negative, but I feel that having this knowledge has motivated and equipped me to take proactive actions. Taking such actions has allowed me to function at my highest level of health despite all of my health challenges. 

One of these actions includes Black Cumin oil ( also called Nigella sativa seeds) in my diet. I believe everyone can benefit from trying this ancient remedy. (One side note: I have never known anyone to be sensitive to this oil but anything is possible so if you have a bad reaction, stop using it!) 

Historically, Black Cumin has been used as a potent remedy in almost every major medical tradition.

The oil was found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb and used for beauty benefits by Cleopatra.  Ayurvedic medicine has used it for a wide variety of diseases ranging from hepatitis, fevers, coughs, hemorrhoids and many more. Most recognized however is Hippocrates, the grandfather of modern medicine, who considered black cumin a valuable remedy in digestive disorders. If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, then you know that it is a well-established belief that ALL DISEASE begins in the gut. 

The earliest reference I could find dates back to Isaiah in the Old Testament (Isaiah 28: 25-27, to be exact). 
The prophet Muhammad calls blackseed “a remedy for every illness except death.” 

Here are just a few of the conditions Black Cumin oil is used for:

Reducing pain
Cleansing and toning the liver
Treating diarrhea
Reducing blood pressure
Treating skin disorders
Supporting healthy digestion
Colds and flu
Sinus issues
Hair loss
Nervous tension
Multiple Sclerosis

To give you a little background, Black Cumin is from the buttercup family and also known as Nigella Sativa.

Although black cumin has been healing illness for over 2,000 years, it is only in the past 40 years that it’s presence has become known. There is not one person on this planet whose immune system is not walking a tightrope every day.  Have you ever had stress? Well then, your immune system could use a boost. Arthritis, headaches, chronic pain, fatigue, liver dysfunction, digestive issues, immune problems ….those are mine, so I am in!  I have been using this oil for quite some time and I also notice a difference when I stop.  However, I find rotating black cumin in your diet is the best way to use it. Any food or supplement, if used every day, can bring about sensitivity or allergy to it.  It is crucial only to purchase organic, cold pressed oil that is free of additives.  

At the Cancer Research Laboratory of Hilton Head Island in  South Carolina, research showed black cumin:

Lowered blood sugar levels
Had strong antibacterial effects
Inhibited tumor growth by 50%
Stimulated immune cells and raised interferon production 
Increased the rate of bone marrow growth by an astounding 250%

 If you would like to:

Support your cells
Reduce inflammation
Reach a healthy weight
Boost your intake of essential amino acid, omegas, vitamins and minerals
Increase energy
Have healthy digestion
Support your joints and heart health

Please consider giving this ancient remedy a try; keep in mind that while Black Cumin Seed Oil is not a cure, it is a powerful supplement that can be used to aid you in your quest for your Highest Health. 

With Love and Hope,