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 " It is always the simple that produces the marvelous" - Amelia Barr


I will never forget my first time using bone broth. I had heard amazing facts about it's healing abilities for quite some time. Healing abilities such as:

-Gut and digestion health.
 -Joint health and healing
 -The ability to have you look and feel younger
- Peaceful sleep and the ability to fall asleep easier
- Immune support—(makes sense, so much of our -immune health comes from gut health!)
-Stronger bones
 -A TON more energy!
Experts agree, a cup a day works miracles for leaky gut syndrome but it's also good for protecting non-leaky guts. The gelatin in the bone broth (found in the knuckles, feet, and other joints) helps seal up holes in intestines. This helps cure chronic diarrhea, ulcers, constipation, and even some food intolerances.
 March 4 2014, I would be putting bone broth  to the test. I was in for the "healing" challenge of a lifetime. I was about to undergo a complex major surgery -- a total hip replacement. Due to my extensive research and education on the harmful effects of pain medicine and pharmaceuticals, I chose to recover with natural supplements and nutritional healing strategies as well as some alternative modalities. No matter the amount, pharmaceuticals of any kind (this goes for Advil and other over the counter drugs too) wreak havoc on your gastrointestinal system as well as many of your organs, the liver especially. Over time you can wear away your gut lining and develop severe leaking of your gut barrier leading to a host of disorders ranging from brain issues, blood problems, allergies, pain and inflammation hormones imbalances...and the list goes on.
Why risk destroying your body when you have the option to at least give the natural route a chance? 
The morning of the surgery, I put my freshly made batch of chicken bone broth into glass containers and put it in my cooler along with superfoods, green juices and protein supplements. I stuck a portable burner and pot in my bag and off to the hospital I went. I will refrain from using the name of the world famous hospital because it was "illegal" to bring a burner and pots, etc. to your hospital room. Yeah, like I planned on eating green Jell-O and toxic hospital food!

When I came out of surgery, my accomplice (A.K.A my mother), went into the bathroom while the nurses were gone and started heating my bone broth. My mom has such a conscious and did not want to get caught, bless her heart, but how could she say no to me and my current trauma? I will never forget the instant soothing and comfort I felt running through my body upon my first sip. I felt my system start to kick in and go into healing medicine, no pain relievers and absolutely no stool softeners! You see, the hospital knows you are getting better when you can "go to the bathroom" normally. My nurse said it usually would take patients a couple of days to get regular again, but not me! My nurse said I was the first person who had "normal" bathroom habits four hours after a surgery!
Keep in mind that there are many lifestyle and nutritional factors that contribute to one's healing and overall health, but bone broth was a huge contributor in keeping my gut from being compromised by my surgery and stress. It is important to use bone broth in moderation however, because too much can cause side effects and other health issues. 
No matter what state of health you are in, even if you are superman, try some old fashioned pure bone broth. Even superman needs help every now and then; after all, it is  a big stress to save the world.
Making your own is easy, plus you’ll be able to make sure there isn’t too much salt in it and zero additives. Here’s a  great recipe here via Wellness Mama, but please, feel free to get creative with it!

It may feel intimidating at first as it is a process, but check out the link above to the step-by-step guide with photos included. As time goes by, you’ll be able to make it in your sleep. :) 

 I would love to hear your stories of success using bone broth, so please, let me know how this experience goes!
May you rise up well with a new tool for health and well-being.
With Love and Hope,