Posted by Jennifer on Feb 29, 2016

“Jen, dear, you should try writing, it might be interesting.”Those were some of the last words my Nana ever wrote to me.  Ironically years later, I began writing and it has blessed me ever since.

My Nana passed away February 29th 1992, a loss many have never recovered from. I especially was radically transformed by her death. She was the first person I knew who had died. I was going through a life-threatening situation myself and because of her passing, I became aware of my own mortality. I realized that I had to change my situation or I would die too. I truly believe my Nana gave me her strength when she went to heaven.  In fact, I know without a doubt that she breathed life back into me with her last breath. I know this because I was at a desperately low point in my life and going down fast. When Nana died, I suddenly found the will to live and began to make changes that would allow me to heal. I had never been able to find such power until she was gone.  I have felt my Nana’s spirit with me from that day forward. She is with me now and guides me daily….I can bet some of you have a “Nana” in your life too.

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Posted by Jennifer on Feb 22, 2016

 Thirty Two vials of blood….I think this was a record for me. I was at the lab once again gathering information for my doctor as we put together the puzzle pieces of the chronic illness issues I am currently dealing with. Note, that I say “THE chronic illness” because I do not identify myself as such nor do  I  choose to live into the diagnosis, and…I say CURRENTLY,  because I accept my present situation but it is not going to occupy my life forever. I know that my words steer the direction of my life so I am careful to use them wisely.  Something we all need to consider.  Do I enjoy this frustration, overwhelm and discomfort? No way! Does it make me angry and question God? Absolutely …but I do not doubt God…not even for a minute because I understand the role of faith and hope. If we lose that, then how are we supposed to get through tough times?  You don’t have to believe in God, but a life without hope and faith will indeed be a struggle.  It’s normal and okay to be upset and ask the dreaded question…WHY ME?  I can bet you have asked that question yourself when you meet seemingly insurmountable circumstances, devastating loss, pain and suffering or when you find yourself in a rut. 

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